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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Anti-Muslim Editorial in LA Times

Posted by on February 9 at 17:16 PM

This will send some folks panties straight up their cracks…

In case you missed it, David, the LA Times ran an op-ed today admonishing Muslims all over the world for losing their shit over a bunch of cartoons—some of which are, yes, inflamatory, but some are completely neutral. A few of the original 12 are even critical of the newspaper that ran them in the first place. (Read this excellent BBC story for a good picture of what was actually in that Danish paper.) Anyway, I was in LA today, doing my part to advance the collapse of Western Civ. by taping an inane TV program, and I picked up the LA Times and spotted this:

Can [the world] help but think that Muslims are violent? Several newspapers have reported that some Muslim leaders have called for the deaths of those who published the cartoons. Muslims have burned Danish flags and destroyed Danish embassies in Muslim countries; people have died in the protests.

The violent response also makes it seem that the cartoons are worth viewing, that they are important. If the intent is to prevent people from seeing offensive images about Islam, the tactic has backfired. Everyone (including me) now wants to view the cartoons.

And Muslims appear to have a double standard. [They] cry out that Islam should not be desecrated, but in several countries where the majority is Muslim, it is illegal or incredibly difficult for minority religions to build churches, synagogues or temples.

Finally, it seems as if Muslims do not believe in freedom…. when others express views that are offensive to Muslims, there is no tolerance.

Wow. What bigotry! Off with that man’s Orientalist head!

Oh, wait—the author is a Muslim. Jamil Momand is a prof at Cal State in Los Angeles. Go read the whole op-ed by clicking here.

In other news, before I left for the airport in LA I heard a speaker at a rally shown on CNN insist that the protests would continue until Europe changed its laws about free speech. We should certainly be aware of the damage that colonialism did to the Middle East, but we can aslo—simultaneoulsy even—see this threat for what it is.

When I landed in Seattle, I opened my laptop to this headline: EU mulls media code after cartoon protest. So is it okay to view this conflict as a fight over freedom of thought and expression now?

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In case you missed it, David

Me David?

Am I supposed to find something offensive about the op ed piece? Seems like an entirely reasonable response to current events.

Hey, there's that moderate Muslim voice you lamented never hearing. Glad to see you're working to overcome your stereotypes by actually seeking out this kind of stuff now.

David, I challenge you: You can have 1100 words in next week's paper on why we shouldn't publish these images. But I'm going to illustrate it with four more of 'em.

Wow, that's pretty big of you, Dan. When's the deadline? Also, you've already published them, so does the thesis need to change a little?

Why we shouldn't have.

1100 words—by tomorrow at noon, unfortunately. And it runs if we have space, which we'll know tomorow at 12 when the paper gets called.

"Muslims have burned Danish flags [...]"

... which, last time I checked, was usually regarded as an accepted form of free speech. Much like, say, printing inflammatory cartoons.

But, I digress. The editorial on the whole was good. It's just the flag burning meme that's been thrown out all over the place which has been irritating me.

Digressing again, I'd encourage everyone to check out Daryl Cagle's blog. He's an editorial cartoonist at the MSNBC website, and his blog is just stuffed to the gills with information an commentary on the cartoons and the reaction to the cartoons and the cartoons in reaction to the cartoons and the cartoons in reaction to the recation to the cartoons and....

I'll have something in your email by Noon tomorrow.



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