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Monday, January 30, 2006

What Would Jesus Do?

Posted by on January 30 at 10:21 AM

Jesus would drop everything and watch this right now.

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Jesus would then start cursing out his web connection/browser/plug-ins and/or Bill Gates. :p

No, because Jesus would use a Mac.

What an interesting question: which corporate monopolist would Jesus prefer? The successful one or the unsuccessful one?

Jesus would not walk on a 'don't walk' signal!

jesus seems like a linux guy to me.

Religion is open source? Someone better tell Pat Robertson.

Jesus wouldn't have had a problem if the fucking Number 16 was on time.

Maybe it'll download by the time of His Second Coming. :(


Does this mean that instead of genuflecting, devout Catholics should start stepping in front of public transportation?

Religion is open source?

No - he said Jesus is. Deity is the divine - perfect and awesome and unknowable to mortal man. Religion is what happens when imperfect man attempts to divine the divinity. More or less.

Or so I half-remember from sunday school. I wasn't paying close attention obviously.

So - yes. Jesus is open source. Religion is proprietary code. Makes sense to me.

Good thing Jesus was wearing clean underwear...

That was really good. Fuck hollywood.

jesus wet...wept

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