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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wake Up and Smell the Eyman

Posted by on January 31 at 9:01 AM

As promised, Tim Eyman yesterday filed two ballot measures seeking to repeal the gay civil rights bill. And as predicted, the reaction has been mainly: “Wow, what a jerk.”

This morning’s Seattle Times finds that while the Christian Coalition is (no surprise) supporting Eyman in his anti-gay crusade, others, like the Rev. Joseph Fuiten, who vehemently opposed the gay civil rights bill, aren’t so sure a repeal campaign is a good idea.

In other words, Eyman can’t even get the unanimous backing of religious extremists for this effort. Which is why Rep. Ed Murray (D-Seattle) sounds right on target when he tells The Times: “We can see [Eyman] for what he’s always been… A member of the extreme right who is out of touch with moderate voters in this state.”

And it only gets worse for Eyman in this morning’s P-I, which finds that it’s not just effete urban liberals who see Eyman’s new campaign as distasteful:

Yelm resident Tony Engler, 47, said his view of Eyman has changed because of Monday’s filing.

“I’m not gay or Christian, I’m not a right-wing whacko or a bleeding-heart, tree-hugging Evergreen liberal,” Engler said.

“I’m just a guy who’s partially disabled and who has laws set up out there to protect my rights to live as a human, not as some second-class citizen,” he said. “I’m glad the Disability Act was established before Tim Eyman came along or I’d still be fighting high curbs in crosswalks.

“I used to think Tim Eyman was an OK kind of guy, fighting the good fight; now I see his true colors.”

Yesterday, I noted on the Slog that Eyman had failed to answer a simple question that I emailed to him several days ago: Why are you doing this?

Well, this morning Eyman wrote me back and, just as he did with The Seattle Times (which this morning notes its own frustration in getting Eyman to talk about his motivations), stuck to his prepared talking points.

Eyman’s email is below, and my response to his email is below that. As you’ll see, I have more questions for Eyman. Hopefully he’ll write back and share his answers with me and all the Slog’s readers….

From: Tim Eyman

Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 06:13:14 -0800

To: Eli Sanders


(1) The issue has become hopelessly politicized in Olympia

(2) The voters want to have the final say on this issue

(3) The voters overwhelmingly rejected government-imposed preferential treatment based on what group you belong to (race, gender, color, ethnicity, or national origin) when they overwhelmingly approved Initiative 200 in 1998. This measure(s) simply gives them the opportunity to reaffirm that
same principle in 2006, adding to the list of groups not getting preferential treatment to include sexual orientation or sexual preference.

To which I responded..

From: Eli Sanders

Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 07:39:18 -0800

To: Tim Eyman

1. It seems to me you’ve only extended the amount of time in which this issue will be politicized. Do you really think you’ve de-politicized this debate by filing these ballot measures?

2. Do you have polling to back this claim up? Or are you just basing this claim on the “phone calls, faxes, and emails” you’ve said you are being “inundated” with?

3. This is, in my opinion, the greatest logical fallacy in your argument in favor of a ballot measure. The gay civil rights bill has nothing to do with “preferential treatment.” It’s about equal treatment. It doesn’t establish quotas for the hiring of gays and lesbians. It just says you can’t fire someone simply because he or she is gay.

Don’t you think it’s disingenuous for you to paint the gay civil rights bill as akin to “government-imposed preferential treatment” when it’s clearly no such thing?

And: If you believe so strongly in the wisdom of the people, why confuse them with this type of sophistry?

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well said, eli.

I don't think Eyman's email likens the gay civil rights bill to preferential treatment. He's just pointing out that voters have already said via I-200 that they don't want preferential treatment for other groups who already have civil rights (women, racial minorities, etc.) Now that the gays have civil rights too, this new initiative wants them to share the same protected-but-not-preferred status as other minorities. It sucks, but it doesn't suck any more than I-200 already did.

I think Eyman was equating the gay rights bill to special treatment.

I'm wondering whether he'll have to look up the word "sophistry."

yeah.. gonna have to agree with eli on this one.

seeing as the bill has nothing to do with preferential treatment, why would eyeman bring it up, but for a scare tactic to try and confuse people?

what an ass.

BTW, I'll probably be plotting creampie and water balloon airstrikes on the paid signature gatherers.

Eyman's a douche. I like how he is viewed now as the creepy uncle from both the D's and the R's. Dumb shit.

I woke up to Eyman's creepy voice whining about not wanting to have the legislature "jam it down our throats."

For about the last ten years the anti-gay-agenda types have been using this phrase. Is there a psychiatrist in the house that can explain it?

Hearing Eyman say he doesn't want it "jammed down his throat" really sounds alot like James West not wanting the gays to "jam it down his throat."

The thing about Eyeman is, he's just plain not very bright. He used to sell school-branded junk to graduates, for chrissake. He got jumped up with a bunch of publicity for his (wrong, but attractive in its simplicity) $30 car tab idea, which coalesced his support amongst a core of suburban white tax-hatin' dudes.

He's been riding on the strength of that victory ever since. I don't understand why people still talk about him, except that it's easy to do, easier than thinking.

Will some gay/lesbian businessperson please fire an employee (or deny them housing) solely on the basis of their heterosexuality? Perhaps then we can finally come to grips with the fact that prohibiting discrimination in housing and employment based on sexual orientation or preference is a legal knife that cuts both ways. This is about equal rights for everyone.

Smell the Eyman? Is that like smell the Santorum?

Once upon a time, Eyman had some sort of regular job. But he hasn't had one in many years. He is now a profession initiative filer. That's how he makes a living and can afford luxury Lexus SUVs. If he doesn't file an initiative about something every year, he doesn't get paid.

Gays were the easiest and most obvious target. It was clear that somebody was gonna file an initiative. Eyman had to be quick, before somebody else beat him to it and cashed in on his money train. Then he'd have to go find something else less profitable to wank an initiative out of. This was as inevitable as rain in Seattle in January.

Eli, next time you correspond with Eyman, ask him when was the last time he had a paying job besides pushing initiatives.

Tim Eyman is a total dick.

Say what you will about Tim, he has a great ass that was just made for cock. And he can take a fist while staying tight. And he loves to suck cock and drink piss. So, all in all, he's a great piece of ass. Born for the sling. Just keep the lights off so you don't have to look at him. A ball gag doesn't hurt either. But be careful - he'll jones the poppers. He's a total pig for poppers.

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