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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

The West’s Baby Shortage

Posted by on January 4 at 10:17 AM

According to an essay in the New Criterion (I believe you need to be a subscriber to access the link, but it’s run in other publications, too; try Googling It’s the Demography, Stupid), the West is suffering birth dearth. Many Western nations are not averaging 2.1 children per family, which is the number needed to replace aging populations. Meanwhile, Allah-worshippers are breeding like proverbial rabbits. This scenario, writes Mark Steyn, will by mid-century likely threaten democracy, freedom, capitalism, Christianity, and other blessed byproducts of Western Civilization.

The piece is a classic bit of conservative hand-wringing about the Feared Other, with obligatory digs at multiculturalism, abortion, homosexuality, feminism, and tolerance in general. Steyn may have valid reasons for fretting about the burgeoning Islamic populace, but his argument smacks of the same alarmist propaganda that marked the McCarthyist Red Scare. Nevertheless, I am feeling slightly guilty for not carrying my reproductive weight.

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Excellent Slog post. "I read this article but I'm too fucking lazy to link you to it..."

Google just produces a list of other bloggers. Thanks. Maybe I'll try to find it later.

I don't know. China has a gajillion more people (and our national debt! Whoo-hoo!) and at least for now they aren't actively hating our freedom. I guess communists are probably a little less scary than religious fanatics though. Who knows.

I tried to link to it, but New Criterion wouldn't let me enter its precious site. Sorry, Turbokev. I did provide a link to a blog that has a link to it; that might work.

My friend sent me the text, so if you can't access it, email me at and I'll cut and paste it for ya.

Producing armies of believers is one of the more plausible explanations for why so many religions are dead-set against family planning. Unfortunately, in the near future one of the principal effects will probably be to produce more starving children. As resources like arable land, potable water and breathable air diminish, particularly in equatorial regions (where the effects of global warming are likely to be most severe) increased competition for those resources is not likely to go well for a lot of those new young believers.

Nice to see conservative writers like Steyn urging us to produce armies of impoverished starving children of our own so we can compete. Brilliant plan!

You all seem to be missing the point, which is that Dave is aching to get reproductive.

And where are the masses clamoring to see his naked breasts, you fickle bastards?

The kind of people who clamor to see a columnists naked breasts are not the best people to get reproductive with. Just a hunch.

Still - Steyn brings up a good point. The population will decline - has already started to as noted. What will we do with millions of acres of urban area when there is nobody to live there?

Miniature golf?

Is that a suggestion, or you asking Segal on a date? He's kinda hot, but rather flat chested, I'm afraid.

Sure, the rubes are outbreeding us. However, we Westerners will have adequate resources to take care of and educate a smaller population.

Meanwhile, people in the Middle East will have to squabble over dwindling resources, which will become a particularly troublesome scenario when their oil runs out. I'm pretty sure that dates and Persian carpets won't bring in enough money to feed so many people.

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