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Saturday, January 28, 2006

The NPR First Word of the Day

Posted by on January 28 at 9:59 AM

I enjoy listening to NPR as much as the next liberal, but no matter when I turn it on, I always encounter a depressing, horrific story right off the bat. It usually goes something like this:

“In (foreign country) yesterday, (large quantity) of people died when a (natural disaster or terrorist attack) occured just outside of (major city)…”

I know that NPR broadcasts stuff that isn’t all bad news, but I never seem to tune in at those times. So with that in mind, I will begin keeping track of the first word I hear (with the exception of articles and conjunctions) on NPR when I tune in daily.

Today’s first word: “killings

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NPR was my first "contact" with 9/11 - I fell in and out of hazy dreams, hearing such words as "People are dropping out of the windows!". It took a full 10-15 minutes to realize it was reality, not a dream. If I need a break from ugly reality (and NPR doesn't hit the worst), I can go to KIRO.

Ever since Howard Stern went off the air, I've been listening to NPR during my morning commute. Although, for the first time in my life, I feel like I am somewhat informed about the world, still - I have actually arrived to work in tears on several occassions. The only time Stern's show made me cry is toward the end of their run, when they played the "What a Wonderful Guy" song.

I don't know if I would actually recommend listening to an entire episode of the dadaist Hour of Slack, but if you listen to NPR much, it's worthwhile to sample a few minutes of the Hour of Slack's audio collages made up of samples of NPR news. It's hauntingly surreal, and like the Daily Show, it makes you begin to ask at what point reality will begin to sound like the parody. Or not.

Yes that's what we need: more Happy Talk. seattle it's getting increasingly worse. KUOW is awful...Steve Scher, what a boring interview. They need to innovate their programming...think the Stranger could take over NPR programming?

KUOW is awful, and Steve Scher's show is the worst thing they do. I used to listen but switched to Air America when they started up in Seattle. It's telling that the people from the Weekly are always on KUOW. They are just as boring as KUOW, so it's a perfect match.

I'll bet that the people bitching about how "boring" NPR and KUOW are stay away from the "boring" libraries and the "boring" schools.

Good luck with your entertaining but poorly informed lives.


Not for a second do I believe you're really Steve Scher, but I have to correct you -- in Slog comments and Stranger forums, you have to spell it "loosers" as in "you loosers".

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