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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thanks, science!

Posted by on January 24 at 23:25 PM

For those of you interested in snacks, snacking, snack innovations, talking about snacks, and/or sharing snacks with pals, I have something to tell you. My friend brought these crackers over to eat during Dr. Phil:

THIS IS A CRACKER THAT TASTES LIKE A PIZZA. Finally the food scientists have done something worthwhile.

And speaking of crackers (which I do as often as possible), I have to mention the weirdly icky new Triscuit slogan, “Triscuit fills you, but not with regret!” It just seems a little, you know, intimate.

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i dont think they really taste like a pizza. but they are THE BEST GODDAMN CRACKER ON THE PLANET, BAR NONE. if they had lips, i would make out with them ... and then eat them.

Those look marvelous. Triscuits are gross. That slogan is grosser.

People get together to watch Dr. Phil?

Of course. The only thing I love more than snacks is wayward teens.

Finally, science decided to stop betraying humanity and focus on making celery taste like a doughnut.

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