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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Spam Poetry

Posted by on January 26 at 9:54 AM

There’s all the obvious spam—enlarge your dick, make your sex life sizzle—and then there are the random bits of nonsensical poetry like the spam I got this morning:

Hi, jennifer.liquidated profession institution? quavered thrownback technician brokendown journals sentimental somewhere gods’ eat super robes hanged
twowheeler aiming unburdened arises concern cooks ghost guarantee good? childishness coupons loquacious seek done? incredible unheardof pensively hell spices governed pinched insulting arrogantly scorched stove
punishing betrayed departing belongs sweeps weighting cord insensible believer deficit
computer attract drifts welldressed beating bubbling eminent shrank index clasped
I get a lot of these style spams in my mail and I always wonder what purpose they serve. Is the “advertiser” sitting at a desk writing text so subversive only they can understand it? Why send me an email that advertises nothing and strings together words that make no sense? I don’t get it but I’m still intrigued by it.

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I think you got this because you need to start a band called "hell spices".

I get these too. I also get spam with absolutely nothing in it. Does anyone know why this happens? I couldn't care less but it's a stupefying waste of the sender's time, no?

I'm talking out of my ass here, but I assume it's spammers testing to see if they can get their messages through spam filters. It's garbage, but if it makes it through filters then it gives them clues for how better to camoflage their real spam.

It's to refute Mudede's claim that poetry is dead. Wrong! These spammy missives prove that poetry is in robust health.

I get these spams occasionally too, and I really enjoy them. I even save or print some of the better ones. Who knew that machines trying to fool other machines into thinking they're human would generate such weirdly evocative nonsense?

Here's one I recieved today:

Have translate borrow
it fall sit
Of allow run
My reply read
i hear break
For stand tell
by understand translate
eat think accept
do understand sit
computer see explain
hour draw finish

it is possible there are more to these messages but an email program has stripped them of malicious or misleading code or something

breed you exponential me, aries specular proven . grist you irrespective me, hypochlorous eighty surety .
bramble you valedictorian me, catherwood hydrodynamic cerebellum . sorghum you mint me, lap abidjan rectifier neff .

Ariel is the winner! It is to fool spam filters. Enjoy the poetry, I've only be getting overly-familiar spam as of late:

"When I layed eyes on this this web page, it made me think of you.

Get ready to have some fun,


I don't know any Jonahs....

You should get out more, Josh. This Jonah sounds like a keeper. ;)

The text is to fool spam filters into thinking there's a non-spam message here.

I read an article in a CS technical journal that indicated that a large percentage of spam now functions as a spyware- and virus-delivery vehicle. I.e., there is a link in there they want you to click on to download malware or, even better for them, your mailer is so ineptly written (cough Outlook cough) that it automatically downloads the malware via an embedded image, for example.

If you don't see such an image or a link, then I would suspect that it was stripped out by some responsible party somewhere in the delivery process, or the spammer just screwed up (this has to happen a lot --- look at all the typos in the text).

A friend of mine used to forward some of his weird spam to me, 'cause I just got the normal boring stuff about 'enlarge your x' or 'get x without a prescription'. The stuff he would send me was just lots of pointless text with no links or anything. It sounded familiar, and I finally tracked it down as being passages from "David Copperfield" or other novels. That bastard Charles Dickens is spamming my friend. Does anyone know how to track him down so that I can get Dickens' ISP to close his account?

just gBe see watch
someone cough leave
will can smoke
our smoke fit
It fly begin
go forget listen
evening smoke make
teach close travel
true hurt want
I turnoff need
At say worryot this gem:

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