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Friday, January 27, 2006

Smokin’ Locals

Posted by on January 27 at 11:49 AM

Final call for Seattle’s Sexiest: Send your local lust objects to us now (attach a photo and tell us where we can find him or her):
Today’s moment of yum courtesy of last year’s Sexiest Waitress, Roxy. (Let’s see if she generates as much drool as Mike did yesterday…)

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Please let me touch you.

Roxy is foxy!

Mmmmm. Roxy...

Dag! She's some kinda -- uh, nothing, honey, just checking my email.... [click]

I'll have whatever she's serving... and leave a big tip.

I get uncomfortable being a straight heterosexual on the Stranger boards sometimes, but will you fucking check out the curves on this broad? And the tiny waiseline? The fact that this nearly perfect specimen would probably never, ever talk to me... well, at least I get to see her picture.

I would give her a hundred dollars to hug me.

Check out how the pattern on her shirt goes crazy on the part closest to the camera. It's like it's about to explode.

In the best possible way possible possible.


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