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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Slogdance 7 Friends With Money

Posted by on January 22 at 12:41 PM

Jennifer Aniston was in town, showing her brave face to support the opening night film, Friends With Money, directed by Sundance alum Nicole Holofcener. In it she plays a former private school teacher now working as a maid, who remains friends with three rich L.A. housewives (Frances McDormand, Catherine Keener, and Joan Cusack).

Holofcener takes the difficult task of trying to make us like these typically unlikable stock characters, and the performances by the ladies go a long way in helping us along that path. Ultimately, though, the characters are thin, the story goes nowhere, and the ending is a huge cheat. On the flipside, it’s interesting to see a movie where the message is that money does buy happiness.

-Andy Spletzer slogging from Sundance in Park City, Utah

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Dear Andy: This breaks my heart, and I really hope I disagree with you...Lovely & Amazing was so both, and I hate to hear of Holofcener falling into a suck-hole...Punch Jennifer Aniston in the stomach for me.

Man, what a disappointment, I loved Lovely & Amazing too and Catherine Keener is like a personal goddess to me. On the other hand, it is true, money can buy you happiness or, at least, it's a lot better to have it than not to have it.

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