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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Slogdance 21 — Hangin’ with the Peeps

Posted by on January 29 at 21:22 PM

Even when the movies aren’t the greatest, the thing that makes Sundance worthwhile is the people you meet and the people you hang out with. First off, I’ve got the best condo-mates with Jonathan Marlow and Hannah Eaves from GreenCine, and Seattle freelancer Shannon Gee. There’s also people I see every year, like Adam Roffman from the Independent Film Festival of Boston, film critic Ray Pride, Jonathan Wells from Res Magazine, Shawn Levy from The Oregonian, and a host of others. Some of these people I’ve met at Sundance, and others I only seem to see at Sundance.

Then there’s the filmmakers. One highlight from this year was hanging with the goofball brothers David and Nathan Zellner. They are the best makers of foreign films to come out of Texas. Their current short film Redemptitude is set in Australia (filmed in Austin), their last short was set in Scotland (filmed in Austin), and I believe they’ve set a movie or two in made up countries (filmed in Austin). Anyway, they came to the condo for chili and it was a blast. It was also fun hanging with the folks who made the Slamdance Special Jury prizewinner, The Guatamalan Handshake, when we were out and about. I hope both teams make it into SIFF.

We also hung out with Seattle’s own Lynn “We Go Way Backā€¯ Shelton a couple times, and met up with current Seattle resident (born in the Pacific NW), James “Iraq in Fragmentsā€¯ Longley. That was great, too.

So that’s how we filled our time when we weren’t sitting in mediocre movies. We were hanging with excellent people.

-Andy Spletzer

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my writing partner and Julian and I are having a great attendences or a-parties, but a lot animated sussing at local haunts. we met a couple of ashton's reps and pitched our signature line of knit wool caps to them...hip sayings and vintage tattoo flash designs on them...they thought the idea was great and were sure that ashton would too...hopeful

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