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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Seattle: Internationally Acclaimed. But Not in a Good Way

Posted by on January 3 at 15:12 PM

We’re on the list of the 16 public squares most dramatically in need of improvement.

Occidental Square is #3 on the list. At fault? Our “reluctance to embrace [our] ethnic diversity.”

That’s true.

Thanks to Eric Fredericksen for the tip on Seattle’s latest embarrassment.

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Any opinion on this nugget from #4?

"Together, UN Plaza and Civic Center represent a major opportunity to tie together and improve the mediocre Market Street and the abysmal Embarcadero, one of the most unpleasant waterfront boulevards of any major city."

Horseshit! I'll take the current Occidental Square over the treeless sanitized version now proposed by the Mayor any day of the week!

The mayor wants to cut down the trees? Really? That's one of the only good things about occidental square!

Embarrassment? This is a major victory. Keep that park the way it is. Seattle is high on a list with world-class cities like Paris, London, Los Angeles. Damn! Tacoma must be licking its wounds again.

It's true. The City Council succeeded in stalling the effort and thus, getting some concesions, but it's moving forward. The whole redesign is costing a chunk of change, too. If you care, you can see the plans here:

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