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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Religion: The Enemy of Love

Posted by on January 4 at 7:57 AM

Jesus Christ. As if fundamentalist Christians and radical Muslims weren’t enough to worry about, now we have to worry about “radical Hindus” too. Police officers and “radical Hindus” in India are cracking down on men and women who—gasp!—sit together on benches in public parks.

Someone explain to me again how religion improves a society and a culture?

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Holy cow!

Not just religion per se. Under Mao romantic love was considered 'bourgeois individualism' and anti-thetical to the aim of the Revolution. In other words, your body and mind were to serve as implements of the State.

One more score for the failed institution of exoteric spirituality! Come on, America; we are so close!

This sort of religious nonsense has been going on for a very long time in India. Nothing new.

Hindu extremists have a lot of political power in India and have carried out gruesome massacres agaisnt non Hindus for decades and are staunch promoters of the stone age Caste system ( still a reality in rural India) which they succesfully exported to Nepal, and where they are having a grand old time killing as many folks as the lunatic Maoist insurgency they are now fighting and that came about as a direct result of their opressive Caste sytem.

Religon =idiocy.

The real enemy is fundamentalism in all its forms: communism, fundamentalist religion, fascism, etc., etc. Anyone who claims to have all the answers is full of shit and is a threat to the rest of us.

Yup, no less a philosopher than the 4th season of "Angel" pointed out that if someone promises their totalizing philosophy will make everything perfect, it's best to cut off their head right away, to save time later.

Even if they look like Gina Torres.

If all the world followed this rule, everything would be just ...

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