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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Re: The Fire That Drives The Engine of Capitalism

Posted by on January 31 at 17:25 PM

Goddamn I love this.

As all who’ve watched it know, the big pleasure—aside from seeing rhythm-free honkies rap about Brer Rabbit syrup and Fleishmann’s margarine—is listening for all the rhymes concocted to scan with “super-broker shuffle.”

My favorite: “I didn’t come here to drop my duffle, I came here to do the super-broker shuffle.”

Runner-up: “I didn’t come here to feather my ruffle.”

Now I must go somewhere to drop my duffle…

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i'm throwning down the gauntlet!

can teh stranger come up with something better before the next AAN convention?

come on schmader and savage!

Wow, lame on lame. That video is from the mid-80s. Not only are they copying a "rap" song, they're copying a weak-ass "rap" song that the Chicago Bears did for their Super Bowl appearance during that time. You should at least get some good source material.

On the other hand, "We Built This City" is the worst rock song ever.

So I guess it's a toss up.

i was the younger guy in the back of the wide shot. they cut my rap, which ended with:

"i didn't come here to feed horatio sanz a falafel / i just came to do the super-broker shuffle."

we changed "falafel" from "truffle" at the last minute, and i forever cherish the decision.

we also won the game 46-10. the fridge scored a touchdown. walter peytun did not.

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