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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Re: Conspiracy Against Smart Female Rappers?

Posted by on January 4 at 9:35 AM

I dunno if I’d say that rap is a male art form- cuz i don’t think of art forms as having genitals or anything- but i’d say the measure of bellicosity and boastfulness that has been the norm since jump has definitely been more in the male -oriented, feel me?
Female MC’s are a tough sell either to the public or the dinosaurs at the labels. It used to be more accepted to be a bad-ass chick on the mic, now not even that can really fly. Since Lil’ Kim and Foxy popped up, there’s sadly little mainstream paper for non-slut femcees. Really, it’s not a conspiracy against female rappers, it’s the same conspiracy against smart females period thats always at play.
That said, my favorites:
Heather B(possibly my favorite), Roxanne Shante, Lyte, Mia X, Sista Soulja, Rah Digga, Jean Grae at her most vicious, Marvaless, Bahamadia, Yo-Yo…

Oh, and let’s not forget about Eve. She’s been pretty goddamn successful, and is nice with hers. I fear, though, that Gwen Stefani may have really deaded her cred forevermore.

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If you read David Toop's excellent book Rap Attack, he talks about how in the early days there were many talented female MC's most of which never recorded. I think the Mercedes Ladies was one of the most popular groups in New York at the time. Maybe it started off as a more open forum, and became a somewhat closed system later on.

well thats certainly correct. money ruins everything.

And if we're talking female MCs who belong in the gutters--where Mudede places real hip-hop--let us not forget the likes of Gangsta Boo, Coco, and La' Chat (who gives us some Too Real gems like:

I'm a bitch about that skrilla / Got more work than half you niggas / Just to keep it on the realla / I'm a buy a drug dealer /
Thuggin' on yo' f**kin block / Keep my eye up on the knox /
I ain't tryin to make it hot / So I get from spot to spot /
Got to keep my 9 on me / Always ready fo' some heat /
I don't know if you got beef / It's so hot out in the streets /
But this how I choose to live / Thanks the Lord to be forgived /
This is how I pay my bills / This is how I eat a meal /
I would give it up one day / When that day I cannot say /
Cause I feel I'm livin' straight / Slangin' dope what keep me paid)

Eve brought herself down with an unfunny sitcom and hideous fashion line.

Have you seen this before? It's a number guessing game: I guessed 37732, and it got it right! Pretty neat.

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