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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Radio Futures

Posted by on January 5 at 10:45 AM

All you radio heads who weighed in on the John Richards salary debate might want to check out this really interesting story by Chris Parker in the current issue of The Stranger. It’s about the future of radio.

Also, the back and forth over John Richards’s income continues… here.

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A few minor corrections to the article ('cause I'm a jealous god):

A) WREK in Atlanta was the first radio station to stream over the internet. They also have a week-long archive, as well as an archive of live performances, all pre-dating KEXP. The station is also not as homogenized. Bonus!

B) KEXP is not "ahead of the curve" in having a 14-day broadcast archive. WFMU has an archive extending back at least four years. They also have an archive of live performances. One exception is Seattle's Sun City Girls, whom WFMU did have play live though the band did not want their session archived. Strangely, for all their reputation for promoting local music, KEXP - to my knowledge - has not had the Sun City Girls play live in their studios. It's not like they're some small-change group or anything.

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