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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Punched at the Nutcracker

Posted by on January 4 at 15:11 PM

Even without choreography by Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker experienced its share of violent drama.

Case in point: This eyewitness report from Hot Tipper Kelley, who tells of an audience brawl that disrupted the final night of the 2005 run.

I took my roommate to see the Nutcracker this past Wednesday, December 28. We were seated, the lights went down, the orchestra started playing, and the curtain had yet to go up when we all of sudden there is this huge commotion ten rows down. At first I thought it was a robbery attempt, but apparently a very inebriated man sitting in the $90.00 seats with his family took upon himself to punch another man a row or two ahead of him. In the process, the Drunk Man knocked over an elderly lady causing a near medical emergency. One of the ushers ran over to the scene and while trying to remove Mr. Drunk Man was slapped in the face. The drunk guy took off running and was tackled by the ushers and held until they could handcuff him and escort him out to the waiting Seattle Police Department.

Obviously the ballet is no place for pussies…

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It's exactly this kind of behavior that makes people not want to go to the ballet.

And really, if you're going to pay $90 a seat to get drunk and punch somebody's lights out, shouldn't you be watching the Sonics instead?

Maybe Mark Sidran was right after all--alcohol, music and dancing are simply too dangerous a combination.

Thanks to both of the above comment-makers for making me do two consecutive spit-takes.

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