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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Project Runway…

Posted by on January 25 at 21:59 PM

…is ON!!!

“I can’t believe the bitch did this!”

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I can't tell whether it was smart or awesome for her to do the walk off. Cause indeed, her model sucked. But this is the most emotional PR so far, probably because Nick is getting doubty, and I love him.


This sucks though! Now Tarah is going to be done, because Daniel is going to stick with his model, who is excellent. And she is gorgeous! Fucking Zulema!

NO WAY!!! Kara is IN???

NO WAY?!?!?!

Favorite quote-

"I'm a full Dan fan."

Zulema's gone. Way to go, judges.

I was so wrong about who would get the axe. I don't think there's any way for Tarah to be saved now.

so much to say about tonight:

but the best is that zulema is out. no more of her drama. period. i bet the girls will be breathing easier with more fucking closet space now!

girls? wait there's only 2 now. did i mention that piece in the nyt a few weeks ago....why are most famous designers gay men.

kara will go next week, so i feel like not even watching the next episode. and yes i will be willing to place bets.

daniels dress was gross, or was it his models hair. sorry dv lovers (i love him too, but that gold garbage bag was just bad).

adrean, or however you spell it, was the best, though the "I like to turn ugly into beauty" speech was baloney. when have you ever seen him say that before? how come every time he opens his mouth crap comes out? is he a corprofiliac?

chloes model makes her dress every time. she could where burlap and grace would pull it off.

just some thoughts....

I actually thought Zulema's dress looked nice—"I hate to say it, but I like her dress," I said to my boyfriend as her model—the one she STOLE from Nick—walked down the runway.

I think she got screwed—Kara's dress was so much worse. But it made for a better episode for Zulema to get the boot. She was on top at the beginning of the episode, looking smug, swiping models. And by the end of it, she was out. But I thought the dresses were supposed to be the deciding factor. And Kara's was so awful. At least Zulema's had some... grace. And color.

And, I'm sorry, and I'm a Dan fan too, but Daniel V's dress couldn't hold a candle to Weepy's. Weepy's gutter water dress was truly stunning. Daniel's was just odd.

I was right (see earlier today)...
my opinion of dan v as a designer shot way, way up. his design was smart and textured. I didn't think he could do streamlined couture. good for him!

I'm so glad that Jay reminded the others about Austin's grammy dress -- I thought I was crazy for thinking I'd already seen that fabric somewhere.

In a way, it's fitting. Santino is sort of this year's Austin. At least in terms of being the most oversized personality that they're keeping around for dramatic purposes.

According to Tim's podcast, Zulema's outfit was very poorly constructed, regardless of its aesthetics.

Yeah, Andrae's dress really knocked me out. Sure, the whole "make ugly pretty" angle is tired, but dang it if he didn't pull it off. In spades. His was the only design I really liked this week.

Hopefully, Daniel will pick Tara (my current fave) just to give Nick (my current fave) a chance to get her back. They're just so darn cute together. I think this might actually happen, if the rather passionate kiss between Nick and Daniel is any indication.

Man, sucks for Tarah!

Didn't I tell you Andrae had talent?! Sure, he's emotional, but he's creative.

spun mucus kaftans and bile-dyed leggings belong in oingo boingo videos only...young fashionistas are making poor recycling choices

No way Dan V is getting rid of Rebecca. 1. She's hot and 2. he seems to really feel loyal to her.

bem's right

in the design world, playing it safe will still get you jobs. it may not get you the furthest in your career, but it will still pay the bills. however, constructing daring, but poorly thought-out and poorly-made garments wont get you anywhere. additionally, zulema had no creative drive for this project, and just wanted to please the judges. her piece was not well thought out in the least, and thus, she deserved the axe.

I'm curious about what everyone thinks about santino's whole humbled persona shift? he actually came accross as kind of charming and friendly. his dress wasn't a success, but his tim gunn impression was.

I know! I actually liked Santino in the last episode too. Hopefully, the producers are toying with our minds to make us like him so that it hurts more when he is offed, since at his core he really is an asshole and a shitty designer most of the time. What was UP with his dress last night? Especially that tacked on, assymetrical deal near the boobies?

Santino killed me with his Timitation. "Designers... rock the casbah!" I Tivod that scene to death-- SO funny.

Meanwhile, Tim seemed a little too concerned for Nick (crushing on him?) and his model switcheroo. And the way he described her... "elongated marshmallow thing with Gumby legs" or whatever-- harsh! He didn't even say her name, she was just like this THING to him.

Yeah—I thought that was totally awful of Tim. Doesn't he think these models, not to mention their potential employers, are going to be watching this show?

I still want Tim to be my daddy tho.

Daniel V. and Andrae's dressed were both lovely, though DV's was a touch boring and Andrae's seemed to suit the assignment better.

Zulema deserved to be axed for her egotistical little walk-off demand and that HIDDEOUS dress. The color was great and the design was okay, if uninspired, but the seams were crooked and it was bagging and bunching oddly. It's just unfortunate that Tarah is going to be cut, too.

Frankly, I was shocked that they didn't let Nick choose a new model between the two remaining. They should go back to drawing for the models each week. It's more challenging for the designers to work with a different model each week. Sadly, even if Daniel V chooses Tarah, it will just mean that Rebecca is out.

I thought it was unusually cruel of Tim to bad-mouth Nick's new model especially when she said that Nick was her favorite designer and she was going to work really hard for him. It was especially cute, though, when he kissed her cheek at the end.

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