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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Project Runway is on Tonight

Posted by on January 25 at 14:04 PM

…who will be eliminated tonight?

My money is on the weepy fag with the shaved head whose name escapes me. Santino, of course, deserves to be kicked off, but they’ll keep him around for the drama—please note the credits at the end of each episode. The judges discuss their decision with the show’s producers before booting anyone off. No way will the show’s producers allow the judges to book this season’s Wendy Pepper. Santino stays—and Daniel V., of course, because that sexy motherfucker is going to win this thing.


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I agree wholeheartedly. Daniel V. manages to fly under the radar even while racking up Challange Wins. Also, I desperately want to invite him to the party in my pants.

My bet is on kara. Perhaps Zulema, whi is equally untalented. But kara is weepy and unimaginative, and all the shelacking she does to her head bugs me. I want her gone.

Kara will get the boot. She is annoying and fragile and she is worse then Zulema, who I suspect will be NEXT next.

Andre, the weepy fag, actually does some pretty cool looking stuff. I predict he'll be around for a few more weeks.

Oh, I forgot about Kara and Zulema—isn't that telling? I thought Zulema's ice skating outfit blew (not as badly as Santino's, of course), but they're both such... non-presences on the show that I didn't even recall them. So, yeah, I'd say they're the next two to go. Then the weepy fag.

I know, at this point I'm like, what is Daniel V. doing and wearing and saying, etc. Kara, Andrae, Santino, who? But, I didn't just watch
Daniel V.'s audition video. I watched a couple of others.

kara or weepy [andre?]. I think Zulema has enough personality to stick around for another episode or two.


Kara should go.
Besides the crying and the bad designs, she wore a pink scrunchie in her hair last episode.

When is the last time you took fashion advice from someone wearing a scrunchie of any kind ?

I think Andrae might actually make it to the final three.

I predict Kara. She's got no talent.

You know who else is in a rut? Chloe! Everything she does is blue and sleeveless! She seems professional but I think she won't last too much either.

It helps Daniel V that he's got the best model by far.

I predict Zulema. She's less talented at construction than Kara and her aesthetic, while not as boring or unoriginal as Kara's, is hideous.

Nah, Chloe'll make it to the final three above Andre (although I have loved his last few designs. The dress he made for Nicky Hilton was really fun. and his work with Daniel has been solid).

I predict the final three with be: Daniel V., Nick, and Chloe. While Andre and Santino produce good work from time to time, both are too erratic and unstable to last. Plus, it'll be a hoot to see the fit Santino throws when he's booted off. Chloe will stick around because she doesn't suck and she's a woman, and I'm guessing producers will want to balance out the two other dudes with a dash of estrogen.

I think you're spot on, Cienna. Except I think it's real possible that the final three will be Santino, Daniel, and Chloe. Santino is just too controversial to get the ax (though it would be sweet strawberry jam for the viewers if he took it in the balls right before the final three were decided on).

I bet the offings will be, in order:


And then Daniel wins the runway challenge.

I just hope they have a special episode in which we get to watch the rest of them kick Santino's ass up and down 7th Avenue.

Its time to trim the fat on that show, those two weeks of group challenges fucked everything up. There are a people that should be gone (Kara/Zulema/Andrae) and people that should've made it a smidge further (Diana/Guadalupe/Raymundo). They moved over all the bacon when some of them bitches was SizzleLean. If I had to guess, I’d agree on Andrae.

I agree with most- Daniel V is going to win! He's talented, stylish and SO cute. Kara will get the ax tonight. Get ready for the crocodile tears. And here's hoping that Nick makes the final three. He's my favorite strictly from an aesthetic point of view! Santino is a scab.

Santino is being kept around so that he will give us the best melt-down ever. I want him to completely throw the biggest fit and than be taken away by the men in the white coats.

For some reason he makes me think of Rasputin. Maybe it is when he does the eye-rolling 12 year old girl sulking thing.

Daniel creates solid clothes and even when things don't go as they should initially he just works around it. He should win because he is adorable.

Can I just say that my boyfriend's roommate is friends with little Daniel at FIT and he is as dreamy in life as he is on TV. He should win because he is hot and hilarious.... oh and he can design a decent outfit, unlike these other fucks....

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