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Friday, January 27, 2006

Outta here

Posted by on January 27 at 17:33 PM

A fond farewell to The Stranger and Seattle…it’s been a great 4 years and I’ll miss it here dearly. I’m off to SF come Monday (sniff). xo Jennifer

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We're all going to miss Jennifer—me in particular, because besides being a swell person and a joy to work with, Jennifer was responsible for a huge chunk of the paper every week. She made the trains run on time, which is more than I'm capable of doing.

We're sorry to see her go and we all wish her the best in SF.

I knew it was coming, but I wish it wasn't happening.

Thanks to Jennifer for introducing me to bands I might otherwise not have bothered to pay attention to, like Black Mountain.
While I would've eventually hopped aboard their train, your words convinced me to buy their record right away. Good luck and all the best. Maybe now I'll have to search the SF Weekly to see what you're writing about.

Oh, shit—my post above sounds like faint praise. She made the trains run on time? Eesh. Faint praise was not what I intended. Jennifer also edited a kick-ass music section. Best. Music. Editor. Ever.

You'll be missed over in these parts. The city will be just a tad less because of you, but good for San Fran.

Good luck in SF, Jennifer! You will be missed.

Thanks for helping me work through some personal issues.

Thanks for championing good music.

Thanks for never writing about the Lashes.

Thanks for not covering emo.

Thanks for plugs of great out of town bands playing the Funhouse on Tuesday nights.

Thanks for actually going to the shows you plug.

Thanks for steering clear of band gossip and focusing on music.

Thanks for standing up front, getting drunk and dancing like crazy.

Thanks for ignoring bands with publicists.

Thanks for not liking only one style of music.

Thanks for having bands play in your basement.

Thanks for dancing on tables and nearly killing yourself in the process.


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