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Friday, January 6, 2006

On a cheerier note

Posted by on January 6 at 14:28 PM

Partycrasher and friends might take comfort in this.

Having never been a smoker, I’ve wondered if the addiction/hobby could be eradicated completely, or if there will always remain a group of people who would rather die than give it up. If being a non-smoker was a simple as getting vaccinated, would smokers trade their sticks for needles?

Smokers, please help me understand your world.

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I would choose the needle.

I quit recently because I'm a fucking adult who would like to be able to exercise control over her own damn self ... but I really really enjoyed it. One (among countless) things I loved was going outside at an awkward or lame party (say, my 10th year hs reunion) and KNOWING that I could strike up a conversation as easy as, "Hey, can I get a light?"

that's my biggest issue with quitting- it eliminates what has been for me the easiest conversation starter i've ever had.

Sadly, that's of little interest to social and part-time smokers like myself. For people like us, nicotine isn't really the issue (I go days without cigarettes and it doesn't bother me in the least)--it's the sheer pleasure of smoking. I know, I know--that's a perfectly mystifying statement for the anti-smokers and non-smokers out there, but the truth is that much like gazing at Jon Stewart, listening to Chuck D's voice or eating anything made with pork products, smoking is just plain enjoyable. Fatally addictive to some, understandably repugnant to many, sure, but an utter delight for a few of us.

If there was a magical needle that would just stop making smoking enjoyable for me, I'd take it in a second. This vaccine sounds scary to me, though. The article doesn't mention anything about this, but the treatment sounds permanent or semi-permanent, and it stops the "euphoric rush" of cocaine, too? Who knows how else it affects the brain? I'm very glad new technologies like this are being developed, though, because I think I might need them. Keep in mind that for most of the history of cigarettes, smoking was practically free, universally cool, and was actually considered very HEALTHY, yet never have more than about 65% of people smoked (in the US or Europe, anyway). This is because there's a huge range in how our bodies and brains react to cigarettes, from complete disgust and intolerance, to complete dependance for us to continue functioning. I can't concentrate on anything if I don't have a cigarette for three or four hours, and I need two cigarettes before I can do anything in the morning. Even though I enjoy smoking, I know I need to quit, and I really hope I can without magical needles.

Nah. I like nicotine. I'm not addicted, I only smoke to speed things up. Nicotine, Caffiene, and Alcohol.


I don't know about RATHER die, but I do know my father smoked two packs a day from 14 to 52, and had his last one about ten minutes before the cancer ate through the wall of his esophagus and he drowned in his own blood. He COULDN'T stop. His brand was Marlboro.

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