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Thursday, January 26, 2006

O’Reilly vs You

Posted by on January 26 at 13:52 PM

Bill O’Reilly—#10 on the most loathsome list—is having a little contest.

Originally called “The Great Factor Debate”, it has apparently been rebrandedBloviate with Bill.” Catchy, no?

Six “lucky” viewers will get the chance to debate Bill on the air about a topic of their choosing. Be forewarned however—this is no cakewalk. As O’Reilly himself explains and illustrates, he is one hell of a debater and you stand no chance against his awesome powers. And it’s not just Bill who thinks so—just ask “Reputation Management Expert” Mike Paul! But mostly it’s Bill.

Watch as Bill demonstrates the following über-debating skills:
• Talking louder than your opponent
• Reminding your opponent that nobody cares what they say
• Cutting off your opponent’s microphone

Thanks for the lesson, Bill!


(click image for video, or click here)

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Notwithstanding everything Christ, Gandhi, King and other good people have said about nonviolence, I want a piece of that sonofabitch!

Can you imagine how much he'd cry after getting his fat bullying ass kicked by a liberal?

Can we propose an ultimate fighting match instead? I promise to leave my loofah and falafel at home...

I best say this before someone else points it out: I was on O'Reilly's show and he chewed me up and spit me out. In my defense, I had never seen the show and had no idea what I was in for—basically he asks you a question. If you can answer it, he cuts you off and asks you another. Repeat until he finds one you're not prepared to answer, then he tears off your legs and beats you with them.

It's a neat trick, actually. When you're on someone else's show—radio or TV—you assume a deferential posture. You let them lead, basically, as it were a dance. O'Reilly exploits that deference. You're leaning back to accomodate him—it's his show—and he pushes you over.


I want to see Randi Rhodes on that show. That would be hilar.

Loathsome? In Seattle, that would have to be Josh, who doesn't have the honesty to admit that he's afraid of dogs. Read his tortured and contradictory essay in this week's issue.


It can be done - Phil Donohue absolutely slaughtered the sorry piece of shit and left him sputtering and fuming.

It was beautiful to watch....

Oh, I know it can be done—and maybe if I had watched some shows, or been warned, I would have been prepped. But by the time I realized what was going on, it was too late. I was toast.

Yeah, I saw Phil—he rocked.

And did you see O'Reilly on Letterman? Letterman did the same thing to O'Reilly that O'Reilly does to his guests—O'Reilly was deferential to Letterman—his show, and all that—and Letterman bit his head off.

Dan—you should've licked O'Reilly's knob. Ah, 20/20 hindsight...

I agree, he beat Savage like a red headed step child, but the best beating O'Reilly took came via Al Franken on C-Span. Franken made him look like a deranged maniac. It was beautiful to watch O'Reilly yell, "Shut up, youre a propagandist Shut up", while Franken and the audience laughed at him. He looked like the complete idiot that he is. To this day, the mention of Franken's name makes O'Reilly cringe. He is such a tool.

Um, look like a deranged maniac?

Actually, I'd love to see a Franken/O'Reilly ultimate fighting match - Al was a wrestler in college, insteading of a bullying asshole. Even with the height and weight differential, my money is on the next Senator from the great state of Minnesota.

Nice typo (I meant instead, of course). I guess even the thought of O'Reilly lowers your IQ...

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