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Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Ambivalence Gives Way To Anger

Posted by on January 26 at 13:30 PM

Goddamn that Superbowl!

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Oh, man . . .

"As the building was being torn down, papers blew out into the street. These documents included recording schedules for The Supremes and the Vandellas and business reports for Gladys Knight and the Pips."

This is truly horrible.

'cause another parking lot is exactly what detroit needs...

Being an ex-Detroiter, this saddens me, but it hardly surprises me. The city has generally not taken advantage of preserving and promoting it's heritage, particularly the Motown heritage.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that Berry Gordy gave his blessing to the building being demolished, and also that the parking lot will, supposedly, only hold 50 cars. Only 50?!?!?
Is it really worth it...
Does Detroit realize nobody will park there again after February 5th?

"Getting it ready for the Super Bowl". Because Super Bowl fans want to see some demolition sites, apparently. What a city.

Gordy moved operations to LA many years ago. Maybe Detroit's city fathers are still ticked off about it. But this move stinks like Zug Island (yes, I squandered 32 years of my life in the Motor City).

A litttle ironic that Mr. EMP is heading the charge to Detroit... maybe he should have gotten there a litttle sooner to at least see what was worth saving...

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