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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Coldplay.

Posted by on January 24 at 16:08 PM

This morning, Chad and Brian from the Showbox reportedly spotted Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin wandering around Pike Place Market. “We got a call alerting us that they were at the magazine stand (at the market), and we all ran,” says Chad. “That was totally retarded, but necessary.” Coldplay is in town to play a show at the KeyArena, and apparently the two were very nice and even offered them tickets to the show. Chad also says that Gwenyth looked very pretty and also very pregnant.

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"Totally retarded but necessary," you say? For the love of God man, running across a street to see Ms. Paltrow and her husband, a lead singer for a group that defines the word "weak" is more akin to something that even poor Larry (the guy with a head injury who used to greet people coming into the market) wouldn't do; because he would know it isn't worth risking getting hit by a car to do.
The next time there's an earthquake run don't walk. But brother, what you did ranks up there with something a high school girl would do. Drop your subscription to "Us" and "People" and, as the saying goes, get a life.

To Terry Parkhurst:
At the risk of getting into a blogfight, I must say that your negative comments on this and random other blog postings that I've seen, about things others find giddy joy in, seem more akin to what a high school girl would do. A really mean, petty high school girl. Get a life? This coming from someone who spends his days harshly judging others on blogs. Just saying...

Ecccchhhhh - how embarassing for Chad and Brian of the Showbox, running across the street like a couple of giddy schoolgirls.

And how did they get to the point where they were offered tickets? "Hey, you're like... Chris Martin, right? We heard you were over here." A 10++ on the Shameometer.

"running across the street like a couple of giddy schoolgirls."

You have never met Brian, have you?

For real, the Showbox staff could easily be a loveable reality TV sensation. No lie.

Life judges us harshly, "Defman 23." Who are you really to judge me? That is what you are doing of course. I use my real name here and I visit blogs at times to add comments and, yes criticism. That's what I do for a living; am a working journalist.
I don't start "blog-fights" with wimps who hide behind fake names. If I seem harsh to you, maybe it is because I lost both my parents while in high school as well as my dog. Thing have gotten better since, but not thanks to gutless weasels such as yourself. Why do I call you a "gutless weasel"? Because you hide behind a fake name.
I make the comments I make because I want to see things get better. Believe if you will - or not, because I don't give a damn what you think, in the long run. If you wanted to piss me off, you sure have a good way with words in doing that.
I am about as far from a high-school girl, demographically and emotionally, as you might imagine, champ. But I fear you don't have much imagination or brainpower, for that matter.
People like you will never change a damn thing. They will watch the world crumble around them and wonder why I made fun of a guy who ran across the street, when he could just as well as taken his time.
The key to life is surviving. And it is also knowing when to say something: good, bad or indifferent. It also means standing up on one's feet and fighting like bloody hell when the stuff turns on you. I don't like people who make sweeping comments about me, who don't do it, eyeball-to-eyeball. Cowards who hide behind fake names are worth a warm bucket of spit.
I have a life and, while it might not be as exciting as yours champ, it is just fine and one I work hard to go foward with. I have overcome struggles you have yet to, if you have overcome anything or will, in your life.
Any criticisms I make are intended to see things get better. I don't believe that evenings should be spent just watching "American Idol" - or Coldplay.

Oh yeah, "Defman 23" what the hell is "just sayin" supposed to mean? Is that akin to "whatever"? You really are a slack-jawed moron, aren't you?

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