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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

John Kerry: Reporting for Duty in 2008?

Posted by on January 3 at 6:52 AM

I gave two grand to John Kerry in 2004—the max personal donation in a presidential race. I wanted Bush out and I dug deep, gave until it hurt, put my money where my big mouth was, etc. In return for my money I got was one lousy meal in a hotel ballroom, a terrible presidential candidate, and my name on every Dem’s mailing list. Today the AP reports that Kerry “never stopped running” for President, and that his “campaign Web site boasts of an online army of 3 million supporters.ā€¯

I haven’t looked around Kerry’s website, but I suspect that my two grand also bought me the honor of being counted among his three million supporters.

Well, I ain’t.

You had your chance, John, and you blew it. You were less capable of articulating your ideas than George W. Bush, a man who can barely speak English. And when the Swift Boat veterans went after your military service, you didn’t dignify their attack with a response. What you communicated to the country was this: Here’s a man who won’t defend himself, how can you trust him to defend you? It cost you the election—and perhaps rightly so.

Fuck off, John. In 2008 only Dems who can fight back and fight furiously are going to be taken seriously.

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I'm on that list too and I definitely will not support his run.

Dems who can fight back and fight furiously AND can be taken seriously? I can't think of one, can you?

Uh... Hillary? Feingold?

Hillary 08

Hunh. I signed up on Kerry's website so I could comment in his forum, and for email. I never was a supporter, but was wondering if he should get my vote. I sure never saw myself as part of an online army.

Wonder how many of those three million fell into that catagory.


It should be no surprise that he will run again. Just as it will be no surprise that Biden will probably run (for what, the 20th time?). Can you imagine him NOT running? But I agree, he has no real chance. And I'm also probably counted among his supposed online army. Count me out. Much as I despise Bu$h, Kerry ran a shitty campaign.

Hillary is a poor choice as well. I don't get why she gets talked about a lot. She may make a good showing in the primaries. But if she were to actually win the primary, she has zero chance of winning a general election. The rethuglicans will crucify her, she doesn't have the charisma or political clout to pull the middle ground, and she'd get spectacularly creamed in the Bible belt.

2008 will likely be a good opportunity for a Democrat to win, but only if they field a decent candidate. So far, I'm not seeing anyone who gets me exited at all. But it is still a couple years off. Who knows?

Q: Dems who can fight back and fight furiously AND can be taken seriously? I can't think of one, can you?

Russ Feingold and Barbara Boxer are my favorite Dems lately.

I'm on that list and receive those emails, too. Just too lazy to take myself off..not really a supporter anymore.


Although it is way too early, Virginia Gov. Mark Warner is shaping up to be the anti-Hillary. He's raising tons of $$$ and has coattails in a red state. He'll leave office with a totally ridiculous approval number of somewhere in the 70's.

Also I like John Edwards. Warner and Edwards can expand the electoral map, and most of all, win back white males to the Dems (a group that has gone GOP big recently).

Mark Warner presided over the implementation of anti-gay Jim Crow laws in Virginia that make gays and lesbians second class citizens. Gay couples are having to move out of the state because their wills, powers of attorney, etc., are no longer legally valid in that state.

Go read this story at the Washingtonpost:

A lesbian couple, together 40 years, having to sell their home and move out of Virginiaā€”thanks, in part, to Mark Warner.

Who gave Howard Dean his early lift? Queers. Who will fuck Warner? Those same queers.

If both parties triangulate we will get Joe Lieberman v. Colin Powell, and I'll vote Republican for the first time in my life.

what does triangulate mean? Sounds mathy.

Hindsight being 20/20, I can't believe the Dems got behind the guy as an opponent to Bush in 2004. Sure, he was the most centrist, but that's because he was the most bland, heatless candidate possible.

Someone Not As Boring As Kerry Or Mondale in 2008.

Hindsight being 20/20, I can't believe the Dems got behind the guy as an opponent to Bush in 2004.

I can - it's a weakness of the Dem primary schedule and process.

In a grumpy nutshell - Democracy leaked into the process allowing The People to choose a candidate. When the pols were in charge of rustling up people you could vote for, you had viable candidates. Take the pros out of the process .. and you get Kerry.

Yes, it's more nuanced than that, but for a quick summary it's not far wrong.

Democracy, it's been said, is a good thing in moderate amounts. Too much of it (as anything) is bad for you.

Kerry jumped over Dean in Iowa, on a dark and stormy night when the Republicans in Iowa had nothing better to do than ratfuck the Democratic primary.

Plausable conspiracy theory #392

Stop rewriting history! Most thought Kerry was better, a vet who would fight. Howard Dean peaked too early.

Kerry gave up less than ten hours after the polls closed. Screw him, and screw his purported thousands of lawyers who were supposed to be checking into the voting irregularities that cost Dems the elections in Ohio.

Of the likely choices, Wesley Clark is my preference as the Democratic presidential or vice-presidential nominee in 2008. Also, I'd like to see Yale alumni banned from national politics.

Stop rewriting history! Most thought Kerry was better, a vet who would fight. Howard Dean peaked too early.

If by 'better' you mean 'least likely to scare off the left-wing's PC base and the undecided', then you are correct.

Dean was roasted by the media for his 'outburst', which was simply a glorified pep rally, and Dean lost his heat only when said media suddenly and inexplicably jumped on the Kerry bandwagon.

Wesley Clark is my preference

Wesley Clark is creepy.

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