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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It’s the Apopcalypse, Starring the Kanye-Christ

Posted by on January 24 at 12:22 PM

Firstly, the WB and UPN are forming a merged network, “The CW”. Whether the new network can discover that appropriate mix of UPN’s African-American “sassiness” and the WB’s teen-demo “spunkiness” remains to be seen, but I do hope that they refer to themselves as The Spassky Network as often as possible.
Also, Kanye West now thinks he’s Jesus. (And he’s also, inside tomorrow’s issue of Rolling Stone, posing as Muhammed Ali, which, really, seems like the greater sacrilege.) Which leads me to wonder: are celebrity photographers really really charismatic, that they get these hot-topic celebrities to pose in controversial photo spreads just before they burn out? Or are celebrities just really, really stupid, suggesting these controversial photo shoots, not even considering the fact that, despite the momentary universal press coverage, people will get sick of them a lot sooner?

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wouldn't take a charismatic photog to get kanye to strut some serious hubris.
just a free afternoon.

Plus, the leap from Ali to Kanye is natural and apt.

Don't argue with me. Unless you want to.

If he can turn water into Veuve Cliquot he's Jesus enough for me.

Jesus had mad verbal skills, but his beats were weak.

least he cares about black people.
cuz he is a black people.

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