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Sunday, January 22, 2006

It’s Not All Heroin’s Fault

Posted by on January 22 at 15:06 PM

As Slog readers as aware, Stranger editor Dan Savage has launched a one-man awareness-raising campaign about the horrors of heroin, as documented by before-and-after pictures of such famous heroin-wracked child stars as Leif Garrett and Brad Renfro.

I agree with Dan: Heroin is bad for former child stars and everyone else. But I’d like to point out that terrible things can happen to celebrity’s heads even without heroin. Look what happened to Melanie Griffith, before and after.

And don’t get me started on the heroin-free horrors that turned cute little Mickey Rooney into this

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I thought Melanie did do herion at one time. If not perhaps she should. She might look better. I do no believe being married to Antino Bandares would have caused her to look like this. If anything being married to him should have her looking happy and relaxed. He is beautiful.

Heroin turned Melanie Griffith into Courteny Love?!! Just say NO, kids!

Well, to Melanie's credit, she is like, what, 50? You can only retain so much youthful appearance as you age.

Any theories about what happened to Gary Coleman, Danny Bonaduce, and, um, Ron Howard. Are they all on heroin?

And how about [URL=]Kristy McNichol?.[/URL]

Can't wait to hear how horrified you're going to be when you find out how old you're going to get.

Kristy McNichol looks great for a woman her age. You think she should look like she's fifteen still? Pervert. And poor Ron Howard is currently working at the pinnacle of his career, as the narrator of "Arrested Development". Or was, until Fox managed to lose it again.

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