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Monday, January 23, 2006

It’s Nick!

Posted by on January 23 at 14:37 PM

After weeks of intrigue and deadlock, the council was set today to elect a new president: Nick Licata.

Licata, a dark-horse candidate whom many initially laughed off as a presidential contender because he’s the most left-leaning member of the city council, became a frontrunner after council members deadlocked 4-4 between the original two contenders, Jean Godden and Richard Conlin, when Jim Compton resigned in December. Conlin and Godden both hung on until this morning, when Conlin announced he was withdrawing his name, opening up the field to Licata and Richard McIver, another “compromise” candidate who had the support of David Della and Godden.

The catch, of course, was that McIver didn’t really want the job. He likes his current position as head of the council’s budget committee, and offered to step up as president only if no other viable candidate volunteered. When it became clear Licata had the support of the majority of the council (including swing vote Jan Drago), McIver withdrew.

As a council staffer whispered to me a few minutes before the vote, “I laughed when you predicted it would be Nick,” back in December. Sometimes, the good guys win.

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thanks for all your informative slogs throughout this process, erica. nick licata is great. this is good news. if i owned a restaurant, i would put the Licata Frittata on the menu, stat.

Agreed. Good Job SeƱorita Barnet! Congrats to Nick Licata, let's hope that he runs for mayor in the near future.

Unfortunately, we've still got four long years with Pork Chop running the kitchen and untold more photo ops of him mincing around in hard hats looking at potholes,

But, Nick coming on as prez is the best damn news I've had in a month of Sundays.

Due to a wonky sleep schedule, I woke up at 4 am... only to log on and find this out! Incredible turn of events.

I've gone on in the past at how our city council is not nearly as down to Earth as you make it seem... but if I had to pick one of the bunch as a favorite, like many others I would've picked Licata. He is the check and balance that we need for Mayor Nickels.

Nice work, City Council. May you restore my faith in city politics one good decision at a time.

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