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Friday, January 6, 2006

In Time, My Brother, In Time

Posted by on January 6 at 12:25 PM

Xala is the Wolof word for a form of impotence caused by a magic spell. I suffered a something like Xala last year because of a certain pretty filmmaker/artist who cast a spell on everyone at Sundance. I will not get into the nature of this spell. But I will point the readers of this blog to the present issue of the leading American film journal, Film Comment, whose editor, Gavin Smith, picked Police Beat to be in his top 10 films of 2005. That pretty lady who stole my thunder failed to make any of the critical lists in the preeminent journal of American film criticism. I will not bring this up again, Annie. Time was on my side.

Those who are interested in reading my series of short essays on the big trees of Seattle can go here.

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Lordamitey, get over it! Grow up!

Charles, perhaps you could build a reverse juju shrine out of sofiamini cans.

I absolutely love the tree article. Thanks for acknowledging things that most people would not, with the level of importance that they deserve. Have you read Danielewski's "House of Leaves," or Chabon's "Summerland"?

who are you talking about? oh, naomi watts. ha.

Admittedly, I went to Sundance with the ambition of making a serious move on pre-King Kong Naomi Watts. We had much in common--her ancestors colonized my ancestors. But when I finally met the movie star in person at some fancy, poorly attended party in some big house on a mountainside, I was shocked and disappointed by how thin she was. She was just bones and nothing else. We talked a little, danced a little, and then I left the party, sad, lost, angry at how film exaggerates the size of women. (God if Kate Winslet is also thin like that, I will never desire another movie star again.) By the way, the other pretty lady, the one who stole my thunder, wasn't invited to this special, special party.

Jesus, I told you to get over it!

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