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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I’m Not a Flip-Flopper, I’m a Member of Congress

Posted by on January 26 at 18:44 PM

Steven Colbert’s interview with New Jersey Representative Bill Pascrell is a work of idiotic genius. Mais oui!

(click image for video, or download here)

It’s amazing how unprepared these morons are for being interviewed by Colbert. Do they just go on any TV show that asks? No research? Don’t they have interns?

Whatever the reason, here’s hoping they don’t wise up anytime soon.

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This is coordinated PR. Don't think his team didn't sign off on every second.

Even better was last week's where Colbert asked if he could comb the guy's mustache. And then did.

I don't know J... I could see it being PR if they were showing a sense of humor, but having clients come off as completely clueless doesn't sound like the work of PR folks to me. Sure, they want to hit that target demo, but I don't think they're getting final edit here.

Interns these days are getting dimmer and dimmer. The standards have lowered across the board.

I watched an interview with Colbert a few months ago. He said that they edit the interview to seem as ridiculous as possible. Out of all of his interviewees, only one figured out what he was doing. Obviously, one of Pascrell's staff members should have, oh I don't know, watched The Daily Show before he went on. But, at the moment of the interview, they wouldn't have known that Colbert was mocking Pascrell.

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