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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Heart Kitties

Posted by on January 25 at 14:39 PM

Is this mental illness, or just not being a quitter?

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How does he put in his "cat-like" contact lenses with those "cat-like" claws?

last i heard, that guy was living in bremerton. ... which makes way too much sense.

the devil is always in the details:

creeped out by:
the general term "native american"
the stock footage of . . . a tiger? that native north american cat? the TIGER?
oh the teeth were a little weird

but i liked the facial tattoos and the completely disturbing cleft lip

That wasn't a cleft lip; he had his lip surgically split. People like this usually have obsessive compulsive and dysmorphic disorders. It's not so uncommon as one might think.

i know it was surgically split, but that still renders it a cleft lip, an eye-catching one at that.

my professor (i go to WWU) for my "monsters" class actually met that guy (i'm pretty sure he's still living in bremerton) and got an interview with him- he's showing it in class later this quarter... crazy!

What is my favorite part of this? The purring noise he's perfected? The manicure? The "Thriller" eyeballs? No! It's that he must have some sort of amazing, high-paying job that allows him to afford all of these extraordinary surgeries! "Rodney, can you talk to Stalking-Cat? I think he stole my lunch out of the fridge. Again."

Your pictures are great.

I like this site!

Great. Thanks!

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