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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Heart Christine Gregoire

Posted by on January 24 at 14:14 PM

Yeah, big whoop, a Democrat likes Governor Christine Gregoire. I voted for her, and welcomed a recount investigator into my house to make sure I properly signed my absentee ballot.

But my general affection for Gregoire blossomed into particular love during a televised address Gregoire gave yesterday, commemorating the progress of Washington’s long-stagnant anti-discrimination bill, which would extend equal rights in employment and housing to the state’s gays and lesbians. Most impressive: Gregoire’s informed, level-headed explanation of the distinction between the anti-discrimination bill and the nebulous specter of “gay marriage.” The gist, presented in a gentle but firm manner: The anti-discrimination bill has absolutely nothing to do with gay marriage.

Of course, bills such as our pending anti-discrimination legislation help plenty in confirming gay folks’ status as members of society deserving of equality, which is a crucial step in forwarding the cause of gay marriage. But I appreciate Governor Gregoire for picking her battles and cannily staying on point.

UPDATE: I removed improperly placed Rs from Gregoire’s name. Forgive me.

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Wow. Six "Gregroire"s. The woman's name is Gregoire.

Oops. Obviously, my love has obliterated my spell center. I shall fix it now.

I didn't see the speech, Dave, but it sounds to me like the same old Gregoire...avoiding the gay marriage issue.

It's no big deal for the D governor to come out for the gay civil rights bill.

Gay Marriage is the issue she's been vague and weird on...

And from the way you describe it...It sounds to me like she was making a point of disassociating herself from the real fight.

I'm kinda tired of Gregoire. This tepid thing is a recurring theme with her.

She oughta stand up a say something strong (like Ron Sims) about what's obviously the big civil rights issue of the day: Marriage.

I forgive you.

I'm not so sure that Gregoire finally making a lukewarm public statement on one aspect of gay rights -- the senate bill -- after it passes, while continuing to distance herself from the still-live issue of marriage, is something to heart. Maybe she'll take credit for the Seahawks victory next.

Pardon me, "house bill". Senate bill is still up.

Yeah, maybe I'm being naive--I've been following Gregoire for as long as I've been following the Seahawks (i.e. since Sunday)--but the optimist in me wants to believe she's playing vague on marriage until this stalled-for-30-fucking-years bill passes. We shall see...

Point taken. And if weaseling and waffling and being as vague as humanly possible -- out-vagueing Gary Locke, my gosh, how is that possible? -- if that's what it takes to pass the bill, so be it. A hundred years from now nobody will remember who the hell was governor. Just pass the bill.

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