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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

“I Generally Don’t Bounce”

Posted by on January 3 at 14:23 PM

In his earlier post about the world of crime and bad manners that exists in front of the Central District bar Deano’s, Tom Francis directs readers to the neighborhood association’s public message board, featuring dozens of reports of wrongdoing witnessed in the area.

Pinnacle of fascination: The following report posted by someone who may have been mugged, or may have just had his debut epileptic seizure. Either way, poor guy…

Friday September 16th, 1800 Block E. 19th: Probable Assault

On Friday night, at 10:30 or so, as I took my dog out for his walk, out our garage door as usual, I was apparently assaulted. I remember everything perfectly up until just closing the door in the alley behind the lofts behind me, and the next thing I remember was waking up face down in the alley, feet away from the door, with a bad case of road rash on the right side of my face, and a sore left shoulder. I was confused and disoriented, so did my best to gather my dog, and get back in to clean up.

Short story is that I have a hairline fracture on my left clavicle, and a pretty messed up right side of my face (road rash, black eye swollen shut.) But I didn’t see anyone and have no memory of it per se. The doctors examining me said yes, it could have been an assault (fortunately I do not carry my wallet at night). But they feel it could equally have been any number of things like a first time epileptic event, I could have tripped over my dogline, I could have had an alcohol-induced blackout (despite only having two beers that day, last one at 7pm.) Thus, I’m hesitant to file a report, but I will write this up so the folks in my condo building know. The non-assault explanations bear consideration, certainly, but I can’t understand how a faint, blackout or whatever could result in a fracture on one side of my body, while landing on the other (I generally don’t bounce.).

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Hi David,

Thought this would appeal to your taste for Saddest Stories Ever. I don't know these people but they seem kind of like "our people" which makes this even more devastating and heart wrenching. "enjoy":

It would be a good idea for the fellow mugged near Deanos to start carrying ID, so the M.E. doesn't need to identify dental work. this is especially important if a substancial amount of his dental work is done in gold, as that may go missing next time.

Hi! This is a message for previous replier Chris Gaines. First, are you THE Chris Gaines, the ill-fated hard-rock alter ego of Garth Brooks?! If so, I LOVE YOU! Also, what's the deal with that Virginny woman's profile linked above? Thank you.

The first link is some gruesome murder story, and Chris's link is apparently an interview with one of the people who were murdered. Way to let the sunshine in, dudes.

ahh...home, sweet home. thanks for the link, david.

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