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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Hold the Presses…

Posted by on January 3 at 13:42 PM

Seattle Weekly just launched a new web site, featuring finicky drop-down tabs, “stylish” fonts that were “invented at Microsoft,” and “colors that evoke Seattle and the Northwest” (because nothing says “Seattle” like maroon and periwinkle.)

Content-wise, the site’s new web-only features include a list of stories that got the most online hits in 2005 (bad news for Geov Parrish: Not one of the self-proclaimed “only consistently progressive local” columnist’s stories made the cut); searchable calendar listings that, as of this afternoon, didn’t work, and a list of local blogs that ranges from the well-known (Seattlest, Sound Politics, Horse’s Ass), to the rightfully obscure (Gluten-Free Girl, an “account of living with celiac disease”; Microsoft Watch, which offers “really inside baseball about technical developments.”)

Mysteriously overrepresented on the Weekly’s list of links: the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (four of the P-I’s seven blogs get plugs); big business (six of ten “biz/tech” blogs are about Microsoft, two are about Boeing and the ninth issurpriseabout Starbucks). Mysteriously underrepresented: Local politics (not one Seattle-focused political blog makes the list, although a blog about “local politics of the Eastside suburbs” does) and the Stranger’s own Slog, which, shockingly, merits nary a mention.

What will the Weekly’s impending takeover by the New Times media chain mean for its redesigned web site? Hard to say, but a look at some of the chain’s other clonish web sites could offer the Weekly’s online readers a glimpse of the future.

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and we're apparently allowed to read it now! amazing.

Ok, I'm very fond of The Stranger and not particularly fond of the Weakly, but I feel compelled to wrap Erica's post in <meow> </meow> tags by pointing out that the website of The Stranger's sister paper The Portland Mercury is roughly identical to The Stranger's.

I believe my favorite thing on this new website is the obscenely large and vaguely obscene banner ad for Free. Online. Advertising. encouraging folks to: "FILL your opening."

The difference, though, is this: The Stranger, it would seem, is calling the design shots for the Mercury. So, it is the the Stranger that's in control.

In the New Times example, the Seattle Weekly will not be in control, but rather, some guys out of Phoeix will be.

And the Stranger and the Merc are owned by people at—wait for it—the Stranger and the Merc. Both papers get to call the shots—our shared shots, our own shots, our brilliant shots, and our shit shots.

fair 'nuff.

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