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Friday, January 27, 2006

Has Target Reversed Itself?

Posted by on January 27 at 8:09 AM

A few months back Target was allowing its pharmacists to refuse to dispense emergency contraception if it was against their religious beliefs—and Target claimed, outrageously, the they were acting in accordance with the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which, according to Target, gave all of their employees the right to discriminate based on their religious beliefs. It was a new and novel—and completely bullshit—interpretation of the Civil Rights Act.

Well, a reader just sent this story in:

Target pharmacist fired for refusing ‘morning-after’ prescription

ST. LOUIS — A suburban St. Louis pharmacist filed a federal complaint after being fired from a Target store for refusing to dispense the so-called “morning-after” birth control pill.

Heather Williams had worked at a Target store in St. Charles, Mo., for five years before being fired last month. Her attorney says that until recently, the company accommodated her objection to dispensing the morning-after pill. Her complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Calls to Minneapolis-based Target were not returned.

Several states are wrestling with the issue of pharmacists who refuse to dispense emergency contraception pills for moral and religious reasons.

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Does this mean McDonald's can fire their Hindu workers who refuse to serve hamburgers?

Hindu's work at McDonalds?

This whole thing is ridiculous. Why are these people pharmacists if they can't do their jobs? If you're too religious (read: stupid) to do your job, do something else that won't cause you to have some sort of ridiculous moral dilemma every time a prescription comes in.

I'm a vegetarian. If for some reason, I took leave of my senses to go work at McDonald's, and refused to work with/serve all meat products (so everything in the place, because they can't stop cooking in beef tallow) I would expect to be fired for not doing the job I was hired to do.

I'm glad to hear Target has come to its senses. I don't want to have to write them any more letters!

Crap like this is not new.

Junkies have problems geting needles at some drug stores for the same reason. In this state, needles are not a prescription item. But one time my friend who is a user was refused needles at Bartells due to the deciion of the helper who did not like selling needles to junkies.

Shitty stuff from that profession.

Hey, why don't some Amish apply for jobs as electricians, refuse to do their jobs on religious grounds, and then sue their employer when they're inevitably fired? Absolutely ridiculous.

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