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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

“Grandson of the Year”

Posted by on January 25 at 13:03 PM

Not only are the crimes alleged in this SPLOID! report horrifically fascinating, the style of reportage is a dazzling horror unto itself. Bravo!

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"his dad is locked up for killing a whore".

Klassy and klassier.

When will publications learn to lose the veneer of objectivity?

I know this is bad, and what he did to his poor grandmother (apparently he does not have a mother) is wrong, wrong wrong. But the way this article is written made the pop I was drinking come out of my nose. This is FATBULOUSLY written.

I couldn't tell--is Grandma Beverly the Whore Killer's mother, or the Cocaine Dealer's mother?

BTW, I don't expect even a veneer of objectivity from something called "'Sploid"

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