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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Every Child Needs A Mother…

Posted by on January 4 at 10:31 AM

Two kids died of starvation, dehydration and neglect in November—but, hey, at least they had a mother, one who was found “surrounded by 307 beer cans” in her Kent apartment with her two dead children.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, police discover that two kids—aged 5 and 9—lucky enough to have a mother and a father were left at home alone with nothing but cereal to eat while their heterosexual parents gambled in Las Vegas.

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Of course, it should be stressed that the mother and father were adults, as opposed to the children, who were aged 5 and 9. Sheez, don't you guys do any editing? You should try writing more for practice, Dan.

And every writer needs an editor. Thank you for that, Switzerblog. Sometimes these blog posts are banged out in a hurry...

Gay couples (unless bringing the kids in from a previous marriage) adopt. When you adopt you make a active choice to have children, vice 'it just happened'.

I wonder if abuse rates for children of adopted hetero couples compares for that of same-sex couples?

What kind of cereal was it?

dan, the only difference between these parents and Gay parents is that if they were Gay parents, they'd be meth'd out on Broadway, taking turns blowing the guy they met on craiglist. right?

Why, yes. But of course. You read about gay parents doing just that sort of thing in the news all the time—no, wait. You don't.

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