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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dept. of Being an Unbearable Straight Guy

Posted by on January 22 at 19:37 PM

The Seahawks are in the Super Bowl! The Seahawks are in the Super Bowl! THE GODDAMN SEAHAWKS ARE IN THE GODDAMN SUPER BOWL!!!

To quote my father: “How the hell did THAT happen?”

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Fella, you're in running in an interesting crowd if you have to preface a "Go, Seahawks!" with a self-deprecating comment about being straight.

As for myself, I'll note that I'm being an unbearable Pennsylvania native when I say: Go, Steelers!

Rothmisspelhislastname will crumble in two weeks, and Bettis looks like a hippo squeezed into a corset and then squeezed into his uniform.

We have the better quarterback, running back, and wide reciever corps - and the defense is finally getting some respect. Ben Rothwhathisname will win a Superbowl, but not this year.


By the way - comments don't work so hot in Firefox anymore (defaults to an non-resizable window that covers the comments with ads on both sides - rendering them unreadable). Just fyi.

Whatchotalkin' 'bout, Willis? Works ok for me in Firefox...

did anybody catch paul allan talking to that dude from fox sports after the game? more importantly, did any of you see him smiling? yikes. you would think the world's 7th richest man, who if he wanted to could pay someone to brush his teeth while he slept, could also afford some crest white strips and possibly one of those fancy invisalign orthodontics systems.

"How the hell did that happen" is right. I can't beleive it's true! I dreamed of this day for so long, but now that it's here...

Not only are the Hawks going to the Superbowl, but if they play the way they did yesterday- they will win!

P.S. Football loving is not a straight thing. Some of us gays love football too.

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