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Monday, January 23, 2006

Conlin Canned

Posted by on January 23 at 11:35 AM

As president of the Seattle chapter of the Richard Conlin Haters Club, it is my solemn obligation to post this link to this December press release:


SEATTLE — Councilmember Richard Conlin, who chaired the Council’s Transportation Committee for the past four years, will lead the Seattle City Council as president for the two year term, 2006-2007…

“I am very excited about this opportunity,” said President Richard Conlin, “to work with my colleagues to serve the people of Seattle. This is a seasoned and skilled Council. I am confident that we will continue to creatively and responsibly meet the challenges of Seattle’s future.”


My vote for council president, if I had one, would be for Nick Licata—even though he’s wrong, wrong, wrong about the Viaduct. Go Nick!

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Let me beat the readers to it:
Salvage, we ENDORSED Richard Conlin in last fall's election!

(Although, p.s., I too am psyched that he got the boot).

And what I'd really be psyched about is a Council Prez Licata. We endorsed Licata in last Fall's election too...and here's what we wrote (read the last graph in praticular)

City Council Position 6
Vote for Nick Licata

Okay. We swear we're not just drunk dialing. The Stranger Election Control Board loves Nick Licata. A stalwart opponent of corporate giveaways (he's currently lining up votes to oppose Team Nickels's plans to subsidize the Sonics), Licata is Seattle's iconoclastic lefty—the council's most reliable go-to-guy for do-gooder activists, government accountability cranks, and the marginalized.

Case in point, Licata recently amended Team Nickels's patronizing and sexist strip-club "four- foot" rule, scaling back Nickels's attempt to force strippers into the court system rather than the more collaborative hearing-examiner process. (And after sneaking in that fix, Licata righteously rounded up three other protest votes and voted against Nickels's nanny-state legislation as a whole. Ha!)

Speaking of challenging Nickels, Licata has often been the lone dissenting vote against the mayor's big plans: No on Nickels's useless vanity fix to Mercer, no on Nickels's UW lease lid lift, no on Nickels's unfunded viaduct tunnel plan (Hey, Greg, maybe we should give you a month to come up with a finance plan!), and—voting with lefty ally Peter Steinbrueck—no on authorizing $3.9 million in city money for Paul Allen's streetcar.

Licata has been a determined critic of developer giveaways, taking up the fight (again with Steinbrueck) to amend Nickels's plans in South Lake Union and downtown. And he's currently pushing for expanded library hours in Nickels's new budget, arguing that keeping the current Republican library hours (never fucking open) in place is a disservice to working-class people.

A longtime monorail advocate who argues that monorail technology is better suited to Seattle than Sound Transit's light rail technology, Licata wants to keep monorail technology alive by getting Sound Transit to adopt the idea. He also says he will not let the monorail's MVET be transferred to anything but mass transit projects.

Our one gripe with Nick is that as a veteran council member, with two terms under his belt, he still struggles to get the votes to bolster his crusades. For example, his amendment to require a citywide transportation-needs study before committing new bus hour money to South Lake Union went nowhere. And his idea for a city levy to fund both cops and social services disappeared.

The powers-that-be still view Licata as a threat. Team Vulcan tried, unsuccessfully, to field a candidate to challenge Licata. They failed because Licata's most remarkable talent (thanks to his straight-shooting manner) is his ability to earn the respect of his adversaries. For example, the cop union endorsed Licata this year even though Licata—who chairs the council's cop committee—is pledging to fight for stricter police-accountability rules like demanding unredacted complaint files.

The SECB has dreams of a Mayor Licata. At the very least, we're hoping for a Council President Licata, who would shake up city hall's second floor and pull the council in a more activist direction. Vote Licata!

The next mayor of Seattle should be either Nick Licata or Larry Gossett.

The reason why Licata struggles is because we have not been able to get good pragmatic progressives on the council. Which is why it makes makes absolutely no sense why you guys were so enamored with lying- ass Darryl Smith (see today's Jamieson) who would have been excactlly what the Alki Foundation, Downtown developers and Vulcan wanted.

Gossett as Mayor? Wouldn't that interfere with his REM cycle? He is always falling asleep at KCC meetings.

Whose so "enamored" of Darryl?
We've hardly said a thing about Darryl during this process.
Erica and I both posted our top 12 lists 2 weeks ago during the hearings, and Darryl only made mine. And that's about the only mention he got.
Amy Jenniges gave him some coverage during the Casa controversy (in fact, Amy Jenniges broke that story), and that was straight news.
Whose enamored with Darryl? In fact, I was on C.R. this Friday and before the show I kind of trashed him to C.R.
I don't remember if my comments made it on the air. Although, I do remember that on-air I questioned wether fellow guest, consultant Christian Sinderman, was working for he'd done in 2003.
Anyway, one mention on two lists of names is hardly "enamored."

Feit, I agree with you on Amy being the one breaking the Casa Story, she was one of the few reporters who got it right and who was on the stories that the mainstream press was missing. We will all miss Amy's reporting and Portland will be a better city with her there.

However, you ( yeah you) have been writing up Darryl way back when he got whupped by Nicastro in the primary, and actually wrote that he would make a good council member and he should run again and blah, blah, blah. Thats cool, but dont say you didnt promote the dude.

You guys also promoted him as a front runner in this race before any of the council members opened their mouth.

Im just saying man, I could be wrong, but from where I'm sitting, it sho' seemed like you and Erica liked this pro biz clown. Not that there is anything wrong with pro biz clowns. Ocassionally you get them to support good things, like Drago and the monorail.

It's true, we supported him in the Nicastro Primary round. We wanted Nicastro to have a strong opponent, and Smith—rather than Kollin Min, Robert Rosencrantz, and Jean Godden—struck us as the right choice. Then StripperGate hit etc... and it was irrelevant anyway.

And yes, we identified Darryl Smith as a front runner in this "race." And, well, he nearly made the final cut didn't he...the only guy to get that far. So, we were right. We hardly backed him, though.

I, for one, wanted Denise "Cookie" Bouldin to win.

God Dan, you are such a bitch!

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