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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Burqas—They’re Not Just for Muslims Anymore

Posted by on January 25 at 15:40 PM

Via Sullivan: A Christian website is selling “wholesome” swimwear for women.

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Ooh yeah. Be settin' some speed records at the next summer Olympics in those hot, HOT outfits.

Mmmmmm... sexy!

I defy any woman to attempt to actually swim 500 yards in one of those sacks.

You can't recognize racism and sexism and general disrespect for the individual? Look, they said that they wanted a minority....not that that they would find the best qualified people and then --- everything else being equal -- give preference to a minority. It's out-and-out racism and sexism.

"Diversity" has little bearing on dealing with Seattle's problems.

House dresses for the sea!

there is nothing slimming about that "Slimming Swimmer"

This is off topic but is there such a thing as Christian porn? Is one word mutually exclusive of the other, like "sports personality" or "Republican party" for example. (OK, not a good example.) Is there stuff out there that's meant to get her all hot and bothered so she's more willing to allow him to bang away to procreate, or does it fall back to her Christian duty and all that? I bet it's out there. I wonder what it's like? OK, I'm going now.

where's the men's line? golly if i didn't know better i'd think this had something to do with christian's being really fucked up about women and women's sexuality. i wanna to see there equally arian and corpulent husbands in something modest. like a grave.

I predict all of the actual sales will be in sizes XXXL and up. For which I can't say I'm ungrateful.

Exactly. Considering the obesity epidemic in this country, these swimsuits are a Godsend.

There is such a thing as Christian porn. It's called holding hands.

Thank you. I'm here all week.

Erika - is there any hope you were being ironic? Or did you really mean that as long as the right women know they are repulsive, this shit is ok? Amazing. Women of the World Unite!
Together we can hold ourselves back for ever!

Where does it mention ties to Christianity?

the former site used to. also they linked from xtian websites, and promote themselves, off the web site, as christy. it is curious that it's no longer there and i wonder how long the faithful will endure the disrespect.

Dan, the way you've framed that link is more than a little misleading. This site seems to target Christian denominations that have long stressed modesty and simplicity in dress, like the Anabaptists. This is nothing new, and also nothing remotely mainstream among conservative Christians. We're not gonna see Southern Baptist women wearing these at the beach this season. Yeah, part of it reflects overly conservative attitudes towards sex, and patriarchal gender roles, but much of it also reflects a resistance to market-driven standards of fashion and beauty. Anabaptists aren't tied to any conservative political platform; they're pacifists, for example.

holy moly,
all of the things you've said can be applied to burqa-wearing muslims, as well. i think it makes the point even more strongly, it's absolutely true that islam and christianity have nearly everything in common, including a variety of attitudes and rationals related to why women should or shouldn't cover their bodies. and there is nothing on the site about resisting market-driven forces, only modesty. if you look at sites that sell hijabs, for example, you'll see a similar style of sale. but however softly peddled, the sales drive is there as is the push for women to cover their bodies. but not, as usual, for men to cover their bodies, or as you suggest, for men to "resist market driven forces".

Jo, "modesty" doesn't carry the same connotations in those cultures as it does for secular society. modesty means resisting worldly values, setting yourself apart.

and you're downright wrong that there aren't strict dress codes for men as well.

but they aren't being sold on this website. or on any of the related websites. i've been doing a lot of research and to define it as "resisting market driven forces" when the only market is this one perpertuating female modesty is baloney. i did not say there were no dress codes for men, i said, men are not being sold modesty in public, market driven ways.

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