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Monday, January 2, 2006

Bisexual Barbie

Posted by on January 2 at 19:04 PM

Via Americablog: The Concerned Women for America accuse Barbie of promoting bisexuality—that’s about as unrealistic as the body image feminists complain about Barbie promoting.

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These NUTJOBS run the government!

ACTION Northwest will post this on our website.
If someone knows what the "Homosexual Agenda Playbook" is, (who wrote it?) please let me know. If there is an agenda in some handbook, how come we don't have jobs, equal rights, health care and still getting beat in the streets?
Why the F*** are these idiots talking about Barbie anyway? Don't they have something better to do?

A) "I don't know" is NOT bisexuality.

B) What kids at that age understand gender theories?

I was a loyal customer to American Girl all through my childhood, but since Mattel is now so eager to pander to the ridiculous and feeble whims of the Christian Right, my future children won't be getting any of that crap.

I'd rather they play with rusty razor blades and used hypodermic needles.

And please, the "Homosexual Playbook?" Having "I Don't Know" as an option on the Barbie website helps convert confused 4-8-year-olds? If there was a way to convert, I'd be converted. Dating straight men is no fucking picnic.

Was I the only one reading Judith Butler as a toddler? While playing with Barbies?

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