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Friday, January 6, 2006

Big Brother Bush

Posted by on January 6 at 10:42 AM

I wanted to bring your attention to this article in this week’s paper…great writing by Nicholas Wind about Bush’s spy tactics and the New York Times coming in late in reporting the facts. Writing this sharp, acerbic, and thought provoking is hard to find.

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that is some serious linkage!!!

This article is freaking excellent. Kudos to the stranger for publishing it.

Great writing? Bush and his cronies incite as much rage in me as anyone else, but I was disappointed to see the Stranger feature an inane wide-reaching rant by Mr. Windbag. That juvenile style of raw emotional expression--devoid of any attempt at forming an argument and documenting evidence--is best placed in, say, a personal blog, not featured in a "news"paper.

It's the stranger, and it's a feature, not an article.

And it does nothing but document evidence! I'd count the external links to evidence for you but my eyes glazed over at twenty.

It is juvenile, that's why it's so funny. That's also why Mr. Wind has become a national sensation by buying two domain names and expressing his opinions on the south and christmas. Because they are a) hilarious and b) right on.

His rant about the South was juvenile and displayed ignorance of American history. Southerners were just as active in creating the Republic as Yankees. In case no one remembers, two of our greatest presidents and Founding Fathers, Washington and Jefferson, were from the South.

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