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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Armchair Quarterback

Posted by on January 5 at 11:27 AM

Congratulations to Shaun Alexander for being the first Seahawk ever named league MVP.

Also: I normally despise anything from Texas, but the Longhorns’ win last night over USC was one for the ages, despite the miserable officiating. Vince Young is from another world.

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Amazing finish to a great game. Vince Young almost single-handedly won the game for Texas with an spectacular drive in the game's final seconds.

As for the officiating, what the hell was up with the instant replay? I know it is the national championship and all, and they want to get it right, but they took too much time and ruined the pace of the game much too often, and once didn't review a really bad call that the announcers and the folks at home could plainly see. The NFL has been doing a great job with instant replay for a number of years now. Couldn't the NCAA learn something from them?

I completely agree. The Vince Young lateral in the first half when his knee was already down should have been reviewed right away but it wasn't.

And speaking of laterals: What the hell was up with Reggie Bush's blunder? That seriously damaged USC.

Also, I'll be shocked if Vince Young doesn't go before Matt Leinart in the draft, Heisman be damned.

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