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Friday, January 6, 2006

All the Pros

Posted by on January 6 at 17:27 PM

Here’s a couple from my list…I’m for MySpace where for every three shitty bands there’s one that blows my mind. I’m for art galleries like No Space hosting under the radar shows and club nights. I’m for the new club night at Vito’s on Sundays, even though I’ve never been (it just sounds like good people throwing a night in a good space). All in all I’m for music fans throwing shows and club nights in spaces that rarely get used for such endeavors. I’m also for a bottle of wine (or two) and a romantic dinner at Matt’s in the Market. I’m for a sloppy punk show at the Fun House…and I’m for the music industry vet I know who sent me an email saying he’d kicked a nasty coke habit nine months ago and has been clean and sober ever since.

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My Space? Jesus. Rupert Murcdoch's My Space? That's the number one thing that The Stranger's music editor is in to? Will Josh Feit's fav be Fox News? Savage's Family Research? Jennifer: Do a little research on My Space.

Myspace is the only thing Rupert Murdoch has done right. It is a wonderful tool for young people and bands to find an audience or network with their friends. I'm not really sure why Rupert Murdoch is the king of all evil, he just sees opportunities to make money and goes for it- Fox News is profitable in it's conservatism, but FX and the regular Fox and all the different tabloid newspapers that Newscorp owns are profitable in their outrageous liberal profanity. Why doesn't someone go after Les Moonves for a change? CBS is fucking boring.

Is there a more diy alternative to my space?

Hey, I'm into MySpace not for who owns it but for who's on it. Instead of having to print an entire CD, send it to a publication, and hope that an editor wades through a bunch of other shit to find a good song, bands can now easily post new music online. I use it all the time to hear baby bands and established bands and I love it. It's great getting in on new bands on the ground yes, I'm all for MySpace. It's accessible to all levels of musicians, it's an easy way for fans to hear new music, and there are a ton of good bands on there. For all those reasons I think it's great.

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