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Sunday, January 22, 2006

All righty then.

Posted by on January 22 at 19:09 PM

I was so enthralled by the victory of the Seahawks just now that I actually watched the post-game “coverage” on KOMO, which largely was entertaining because while the broadcaster talked about the police getting set up, the camera zoomed in on a woman who was so drunk (on First and Yesler) that she was lying in the entry to the crosswalk. (Actually, the camera also zoomed in on Merchants Cafe, which made me sad, since that’s the place where I first spent 4 1/2 hours interviewing August Wilson, and now he’s not around for all this.)

But the most entertaining moment of all was clearly the green giant commercial for Auburn Suzuki. Anybody? He had a German accent, for the love of god, which meant that he could not quite pronounce Suzuki.