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Friday, January 27, 2006

All Aboard!

Posted by on January 27 at 8:12 AM

Sunday is Chinese New Year - time to bid fond farewell to the Year of the Cock and usher in Year of the Dog. China really knows how to party, and, more importantly, how to plan ahead:

Alongside food and fire crackers, Chinese are adding a new item to their lunar New Year shopping: Adult diapers. Sales have soared ahead of the holiday as travelers prepare for long trips home aboard trains so crowded that even the toilets are jammed with people, newspapers said Tuesday.

The Chinese are crapping their pants in the name of fun. That level of commitment is why they will destroy us. But life’s not all cocks and diaper trains! Things are looking good in Year of the Dog:
So what can we expect from the upcoming year? The Dog is an ethical and idealistic sign, and the year that bears its name will also bring increased social awareness and interest in society’s less powerful members. Any tendencies to take, take, take will be replaced by a widespread sentiment of generosity and selflessness. In general, we will all be imbued with the Dog’s keen sense of right and wrong.

Gung-Hay-Fat-Choy and stuff!

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Come on, Lindy. If creating a bit of "shitty pants poop-a-loo" increases the probability of a good time, then we are constantly having the time of our lives.

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