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Friday, December 30, 2005

Turns Out a Jew Can Buy a Latke… In Factoria

Posted by on December 30 at 14:45 PM

Baruch Hashem!

Who knew so many people would try to rescue me from my latke crisis? Thanks for your recipes (Vitamin C tablets keep latkes from turning green? Really?), thanks for your orders to toughen up and tolerate the greasy smell, and most of all, thanks for your suggestions of places that will sell me latkes so that I won’t have to tolerate that greasy smell.

Per several suggestions, Amy Kate and I just drove out to Goldberg’s Deli in the Factoria Mall, which apparently and rather embarrassingly for this city, I would say is the Jewish deli nearest to Seattle. Godlberg’s has good macaroons, I’ll give them that. And the place makes a serious roast beef sandwich. But I’m sorry, this is not a latke:


A couple of people warned me that a Goldberg’s latke would be disappointing, and they were right. I mean, it’s as big as a potato, and it’s shaped like a potato too. And it seems to be breaded or something. If I’m going to trek all the way out to Factoria for a latke, I want it to be a flat, shredded-potato latke just the way I would make it if I weren’t too lazy, and too scared of greasing up my apartment, to do it myself.

Thanks for being there for me Goldberg’s, but I’m sticking with Madison Market.

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Um, I don't know from latkes, but those things look an awful lot like croquettes...

the matzoh ball soup was also the worst i've ever had. my sandwich was good but not good enough to go back.

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