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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Surprising Things You Find at Twice Sold Tales

Posted by on December 28 at 14:27 PM

From the back of “Bitter Harvest,” an exposé on the real Cesar Chavez published by Orange Tree Press in July of 1970:

JOHN STEINBACHER, according to an editor of the Christian Science Monitor, is a “National Phenomenon.”

After five well received books, he suddenly emerged from his role as an everyday reporter to become nationally famous for his sensational “Charter House” expose. His investigative report of a secret session for subverting America’s youth by leading educators and professional sexologists was subsequently reprinted all over the nation in the millions of copies.

Since then, his School and Family column in the Anaheim Bulletin has resulted in nationwide fame for that newspaper.

A school teacher for 10 years, he spent seven years as a social worker in Los Angeles. In 1968 he worked with Walter Winchell on the Sirhan case, and from that came the book, “The Man, the Mysticism, the Murder.”

Steinbacher has written scripts for motion pictures, including “Pavlov’s Children,” and is the author of numerous LP recordings, including The Child Seducers narrated by the famous screen star, John Carradine.

His Charter House series should have won him the Pulitzer Prize for exceptional investigative reporting, and probably would have if he had written a story favorable to the participating conspirators.

BITTER HARVEST has been acclaimed by professional editors and publishers as his finest achievement. Simple and direct in style, it manages to carry in its pages all the moving eloquence of a masterpiece.

With BITTER HARVEST, Steinbacher has written his own introduction to literary immortality.

Dear ol’ uncle Johnwho knew you were such a Renaissance Man?

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And so modest, too.

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