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Friday, December 23, 2005

The Perfect Gift

Posted by on December 23 at 12:18 PM

According to honky lore, the “perfect gift” is something the recipient would love to possess but would never buy for him- or herself.

Yesterday I received a perfect example of a perfect gift from my common-law mother-in-law Judy, a super sweet and interesting lady who sent me something for Christmas that I’ve long wanted but never would’ve bought myself: A 72-Hour Survival Kit.

Included in the waterproof kit: An Emergency/Survival Bag (a metallic silver poncho that reflects 80 percent of radiated body heat); a five-pound space bag of vanilla pudding; a five-pound space bag of hot cocoa mix; some Kleenex; some Wet Ones; a toothbrush; a flashlight; several small packs of raisins, Fruit Bites, and brownies; and the piece de resistance, Veggie Burger MREs.

That Judy cares enough to make sure I survive is touching enough, but to have her make sure I survive in the vegetarian manner to which I am accustomed makes me feel something close “the Christmas spirit.”

I also love pudding.

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that is so sweet i want to vom. in the good way.

You should try the veggie MRE before it expires, is there a date on it?

I'll check when I get home...

I think if you can have meat in an MRI you can definitely have veggies in an MRI, right?

Those fuckers invented Tang. They can do anything.

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