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Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Gift of Graffiti

Posted by on December 29 at 10:47 AM

Last night, the Mudede/Drakes gave our 10-year-old nephew, Munyaradzi, an excellent (if not the best) book on the art of graffiti, Graffiti World : Street Art from Five Continents. The boy was pleased with the gift; and I was pleased to inform the boy that the book was published in Singapore, of all places. He didn’t get it. I didn’t bother to explain to him how strange it was for a book on graffiti art to be published in a city that physically punishes those who dare to write or draw on walls that are owned by people other then themselves. Munyaradzi doesn’t need to worry about such things; he is happy enough to look at street art from around the world.


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After yawning through five cd's full of digital pictures of the family of the man who opened the first McDonald's in China we finally got to the park signs showing men spitting into garbage cans and men throwing garbage into someone else's picnic basket. The images had the big red circle and line through the middle of the prohibited action.

Also the fines were specified on the sign.

Also bamboo is perfect for graffiti.

Also goodnight.

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