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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Republican Insurrection Ch. 2

Posted by on December 24 at 11:12 AM

Last week, I posted here that the Republican Party was in for some bloody intraparty fisticuffs.

I rest my case: Today, big deal business mag Barron’s calls for a “bill of impeachement” against Bush. The conservative magazine writes:

The members of the House Judiciary Committee who staged the impeachment of President Clinton ought to be as outraged at this situation. They ought to investigate it, consider it carefully and report either a bill that would change the wiretap laws to suit the president or a bill of impeachment. It is important to be clear that an impeachment case, if it comes to that, would not be about wiretapping, or about a possible Constitutional right not to be wiretapped. It would be about the power of Congress to set wiretapping rules by law, and it is about the obligation of the president to follow the rules in the Acts that he and his predecessors signed into law.

More? Well, it looks like Eli S. posted the whole righteous editorial just moments ago!

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